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Reed Business Information. TNT was initially a vehicle for older movies and television shows to which Turner either already held rights or acquired specifically for the channel; these films made up the majority of TNT's programming during its first six years of operation. For other uses, see TNT. The New York Times Company. The nonlinear stretching process leaves objects in the center of the screen with approximately their original aspect ratio ; objects at the left and right edges are distorted. TNT currently airs a mix of original drama and reality seriesand reruns of dramas that originally aired on the major broadcast networks. The New York Times. Subsequently, on June 4,to signify the channel's new comedy programming focus, TBS introduced a new logo designed by Publicis New York that rendered the channel's name in lowercase and incorporated a half-circle made to resemble a mouth open as if it were laughing and adopted the slogan "veryfunny". Under CRTC linkage rules first implemented in that include requirements for providers to offer U. Often the series had special themes, such as "Godzilla Bash '94", which was an all-day marathon of Godzilla movies.

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  • TNT is an American pay television network that is owned by WarnerMedia Entertainment, a unit of AT&T's WarnerMedia. When TNT launched in October TNT China International Express Head Office.

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    Retrieved May 6, — via American Radio History.

    Beringer Capital. At one point, Monday Nitro was regularly the highest- rated weekly program on cable television [ citation needed ].

    images filiali tnt network

    The channel 17 transmitter was originally located at West Peachtree Street Northwest it has since been relocated to the Atlanta suburb of North Druid Hills, Georgiawith the antenna located on a large self-supporting tower. Retrieved July 15, Bythe Atlanta station would be branded as "SuperStation 17"; on the national feed available outside of the Atlanta area, though, references to the station's over-the-air channel number were completely removed outside of minor technical issues where local ads and promos aired erroneously on the national feed.

    WarnerMedia Entertainment.

    images filiali tnt network
    CBS Interactive.

    In addition, the channel 17 changeover allowed Atlanta-area cable and IPTV subscribers — including those of Comcast and Charter Communications — that previously were only able to receive WTBS's local Atlanta signal to begin receiving the national TBS feed for the first time since the early s.

    On January 1,TNT launched a substitute feed called TNT Plusalthough it does not appear this was ever reflected in the channel's on-air identity.

    The Network TNT

    Los Angeles Times. October 30, Retrieved September 29, — via American Radio History.

    Filiali tnt network.

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    images filiali tnt network

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    One such program was MonsterVisiona Saturday night B movie showcase that aired from to October 10, Retrieved September 5, News Corp. Eastern on their respective nightswith the film then being shown in its entirety that Sunday. Retrieved March 4, Movies generally air on the channel during the overnight hours on most nights and for much of the day on weekends.

    images filiali tnt network
    Filiali tnt network
    The New York Times.

    TNT Locations in China TNT China

    March 1, In addition, on July 31,WTBS also carried a hour simulcast of CNN in place of its regular programming schedule; the simulcast was intended to help encourage subscriber demand to force cable and C-band satellite providers to begin carrying the news channel. Beginning in fallTNT will broadcast All Elite Wrestlingmaking the network's re-entry into the professional wrestling scene following the aforementioned closure of World Championship Wrestling.

    However, the proposed launch date — originally slated for July 1 of that year — was delayed because it would have presented several issues, including obtaining channel clearances and assembling a programming schedule in such a contracted timespan, and the unfavorability of promoting a service during the summer when television networks typically programmed reruns.

    images filiali tnt network

    The "We know drama" tagline remained, but the channel added more of a focus on its original series and announced plans to carry three nights of original programming a week during primetime, starting in Most importantly, since shows ended five minutes later than normal, from a strategic standpoint the off-time scheduling usually encouraged viewers to continue watching TBS rather than turning to another channel to watch a program that would already be airing in progress.

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    Main article: Turner Sports. Other programming efforts included The Catlins a Dynasty -style prime time soap opera which ran for two seasons from toand sitcoms Down to EarthRocky Road and Safe at Home all three of which formed a block of first-run comedy series aimed at a family audience.

    November 1, WarnerMedia Entertainment WarnerMedia. Retrieved January 11,

    images filiali tnt network
    Filiali tnt network
    An upcoming show includes Close Enough.

    Archived from the original on May 27, October 16, This restriction was dropped when TNT gained the right to be the exclusive broadcaster of any game that it chose to carry, although it was still subjected to league restrictions first imposed in that limited the number of games that could air per season on national and regional superstations.

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    Latin America. Time Warner. Though other cable channels have also fallen into this practice for their HD simulcast feeds, TNT has been the one most commonly cited since it was one of the first channels to offer such a simulcast.

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    1. Until October 1,the national TBS feed could not be viewed within its home market in the Atlanta metropolitan areadue to the over-the-air presence of WTBS channel 17which carried a nearly identical schedule, with the only differing programming being children's programs that meet the FCC's educational programming guidelines and public affairs programming.

    2. WarnerMedia Entertainment WarnerMedia. During sports blackouts in some areas particularly in markets where a channel such as a local broadcast station or regional sports network has the regional or local broadcast rights to a particular sporting event that is scheduled to air elsewhere around the country on TBSTBS carries rolling news coverage from HLN in its place.