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He finds Swift a very expressive language, and still thinks Objective C is great and unconventional. He loves to write code both as a hobby and production level. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, making pasta and exploring the Gulf Coast with her family. I draw inspiration through all of my interests, from animation to video games, sci-fi to fantasy, science and nature, travel and culture, emotion and life. He blogs about technology and business at matthewmorey. ArchLinux and Android user, I'm the strange guy with the "phone with physical keys in " [blackberry] Reverse engineering just for fun, with no particular skills but a lot of ideas. He has been hacking and developing apps since Developing games on Unity is among his favorite areas of work, as is training and grooming young developers. The conferences she has spoken at have been an enjoyable way to connect with the technical community and exchange information with others.

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  • 11 Best Design images in Bedroom rugs, Exterior Lighting, Guest rooms

    (b) cm (centre back) cm (waist, flat) (skirt); Place/s of Execution: Melbourne, Victoria; Inscription: (a-b) label, inside centre back, woven white on grey: Rae. I get the distinct impression Rae Ganim is basically a living legend. Ganim's Store embodies Rae's passion for great, functional design, her.

    "Learn, learn learn, always. You always use everything you absorb." One of Australia's most celebrated designers, cult icon Rae Ganim rose to.
    He's an avid runner and a lifelong learner.

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    In his spare time he enjoys reading on the latest world political events, playing board games, and, when weather permits, walking along the lake shore of Chicago. Outside of coding, he enjoys long distance running and spending time with his wife and 2 year old daughter. She quickly realized that coding was her passion and attended an iOS immersive program. Eunice Obugyei Eunice is a software engineer at DreamOvalcurrently focusing on Mobile development.

    images rae ganim designs vicki
    He is a caffeine-dependent life-form and can be found either talking about android libraries or advocating that coffee is the elixir of life at community gatherings. Nishant Srivastava Nishant is a Senior Android Engineer at Soundbrenner and open source enthusiast who spends his time doodling when not hacking on Android.

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    When I'm away from computers, I enjoy music, biking or stargazing. The names Luke, Luke Freeman Lance Gleason Lance has been a computer nut ever since his dad bought him a computer when he was a kid. She likes to learn latest in the world of mobile development and share the same with the developer community.

    16/02/ s Melbourne Street Map Art Scarf By Rae Ganim on Chairish. com. Melbourne StreetAustralian Fashion DesignersCity StreetsMelbourne.

    The opening of new design boutique Ganim's Store, between The the contemporary – a collaboration between owner Rae Ganim and. This belongs to Vicki MacIntosh, a Syd. Line I like a small. car said fashion designer Rae Ganim Melbourne fashion designer Rae Ganim thinks her.
    You can usually find him on Twitter naturaln0va or you can learn more about him by visiting his Personal Site. Katie Collins Katie is a video editor, podcast producer and Razeware's customer support lead.

    Lorenzo Boaro Lorenzo is a Software Engineer who is passionate about mobile development. You can reach him either via e-mail or Twitter. On his blog, he writes about a range of topics, from interesting programming to explorations of analogue film photography. Pablo A. I love drink craft beer when I have a free time :].

    images rae ganim designs vicki
    Ehab Yosry Amer A very enthusiastic Lead iOS developer with a very diverse experience, from building games to enterprise applications and POCs, specially when exploring new technologies.

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    I have been programming on the Android platform for over 8 years and iOS for a year. Along with his wife Catieyou'll find him doing so around here in the form of video tutorials.

    RAE GANIM — Soul Safari

    Artem has been interested in programming since he wrote his first program on a scientific calculator :P He drinks lots of coffee and reads sci-fi novels. As soon as Swift was announced, I realised that it would be the next great thing and started reading and learning as much as I could. Besides his professional work, he maintains a dev log about his personal projects.

    When he's not programming or otherwise staring at a screen, you can find him exploring the backcountry, drinking beer, learning a new language, or staring at a wall, absent-mindedly absorbed in his own thoughts.

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    1. I blog about Swift and iOS development at cosminpupaza. He started as an Art Director, although now he is currently an expert in iOS and Android programming.

    2. As soon as Swift was announced, I realised that it would be the next great thing and started reading and learning as much as I could.

    3. Although this is just a stereotype for Brazilians, he actually loves soccer. When not in front of his laptop, you can find him in front of a TV, behind a book, or next to his kids.