Sabra oilor 2013 ford


images sabra oilor 2013 ford

Fluid is still in unit but said the unit is overheating. This is ridiculous. Sell the car to your brother-in-law! Same issue with my Edge. Eric W. Sean M.

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    images sabra oilor 2013 ford

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    When I pulled back into dealer car was smoking retribution underneath. I am continuing to have to put money into this and now I am worried about the PTU problem I keep reading about.

    Leah B.

    FORD EDGE L V6 Oil RockAuto

    Is it just the factory installed PTUs that need to be replaced? Car is great but at wits end here. Renee W. What action can a consumer take?

    images sabra oilor 2013 ford
    Sabra oilor 2013 ford
    Ford needs to do something about all theses problems with transfer case and transmission, before someone gets hurt or killed from there poor design.

    When we went to start the van it made a load banging sound. Kristin B. I could probably drive it for awhile before it brakes down and find my self on the side of the road Thank goodness it's still under warranty by miles. Amanda C. This is a common problem!

    I have a Ford Edge with miles on it and am having I didn't smell any burning oil or see any leaking oil.

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    images sabra oilor 2013 ford

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    Pretty much failing unit. Black fluid started leaking about a week ago on my Edge. Recently been experiencing instances where the car seems to shift 'hard', you can feel almost a lurch when excelerating. Had a small leak for a few days that got worse, I took it to my local shop and they said it needed to be replaced.

    Frequency tables were drawn using an SPSS Not a happy owner right now. He stated that almost every Edge that has come into his shop has had the same problem with the PTU.

    images sabra oilor 2013 ford
    Sabra oilor 2013 ford
    I never got any notifications about ford having ptu issues!

    Fluid leak leading to PTU failure. It has has over 30 diff repairs. Melanie A. Have an 08 Lincoln MKX, with 80k mileage.

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    Diagnosis is the PTU is failing. Ford is charging me dollars. Just paid Last Fords for me.

    Also causes a terrible gas smell.

    images sabra oilor 2013 ford
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    No record of any leaks on ANY of my oil change slips.

    They told me to get rid of the car. Same issue owned car for 2 weeks now, brought back to dealership for minor issues.

    Parts from Ford are back ordered a month showing how bad this situation is. It was like the parking brake was on; car would not move.

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